About Us

By Racers for Racers

Racers.me was started by a group of Runners and Triathletes who love almost every aspect of racing. We did however feel that there were a few things missing from the races that we did. For example there was no real central location for finding out what races were coming up and once we finished there wasn't a central place for all the photos or any place to save our results to see if we did better or worse than the last one. So we started this site and expanded our remit to include helping out race organisers in many ways so that everyone could experience the love of races that we felt.

We are based out of Blackrock, Co Dublin, are are able to travel to most locations around the country. You might even see us at various events snapping photos for you to tag yourself in. If you would like to get in contact us for what ever reason drop us an email at info@racers.me.